Some areas may require building permits. Please check with your local city or county to see what is required for your area. We require all the proper documents before the installation of your structure.

We offer a 90-day workmanship warranty on all structures and a 1-year workmanship warranty on all commercial buildings (32' or wider). (Limited)

The customer must provide a lift for structures over 12' tall and/or 32' in width and for hanging roll-up doors 12x12 or larger. Contact your representative to see if your structure needs a lift present.

We recommend pouring a pad the same size as the base of your structure (30x40-30x40 pad). Engineer drawings will show footer requirements in your area. You can also contact a representative to see what size footers or slab is recommended for your structure.

If you have a level foundation and do not plan on pulling a permit, we can certainly install your structure on ground, gravel, concrete, asphalt, or wood. Please check with a representative for any additional questions on foundation requirements.


20 Year Panel Warranty on All Metal Buildings

Every single panel on the roof and sides of your steel structure comes with a 20-year rust-through warranty through our trusted partners.


Free Certification on All Metal Buildings

Every metal structure with engineer drawings has certification included in the price to ensure your building is built to code. (limited)


1 Year Workmanship Warranty on All Metal Buildings

We offer a 1-year craftsmanship warranty on all commercial metal structures to ensure customer satisfaction.

1. Inclusive Structural Design Blueprints

  • Complimentary PDF version delivered upon request.
  • Utilization of standard drawings as necessary.
  • Accessible following receipt of down payment.

2. Wet Seal Drawings for Any Project

  • Receive two copies of generic wet seal drawings by mail for only $500.
  • If your local building department requires the state seal on every page, we can accommodate that.
  • Please allow 1–2 weeks for us to complete your drawings.

3. Letter From a Professional Engineer (Pe)

  • $400.00 (1 copy) through postal mail.
  • The letter will address any concerns specified by the building inspector.
  • Please anticipate a completion time of 2–3 weeks.

4. Site-Specific Drawings

  • For widths up to 24', the cost is $1,750 for 2 copies, to be delivered by mail.
  • For widths between 25' and 30', the cost is $2,500 for 2 copies, to be delivered by mail.
  • For widths of 31' and wider, the cost starts at $4,000, and a custom quote will be provided. This process takes 5 business days.
  • The drawings will include the customer's name, address, local wind/snow loads, and precise building dimensions with door/window placements.
  • Please allow 3–4 weeks for the completion of the drawings.
  • It is mandatory for the dealer to submit a Placement Sheet.